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November 2018
Auto Calibration
Conventional ultrasonic thickness gages typically use a 2 point calibration process to calibrate to each material. The technique is well-known but does require many key presses and attention to the sequence in which data is entered. Danatronics has dramatically improved this process with our latest software feature. Now, with the advent of Auto Calibration, our ECHO series, when used as thickness gages, can automatically take control of the keypad to fully automate this process. This Patent Pending technique is unique, fast and easy to use! Best of all, this software is free for new purchases and for existing ECHO thickness gage customers. Simply go to the support tab of our website and use data xl to update your ECHO thickness gage.
Here is how Auto Calibration works:
  • Turn on Auto Calibration
  • Set minimum and maximum thickness of your test block
  • Go to Calibration- Auto screen and simply follow the prompts
  • Couple to the thin of your test block, ECHO will beep
  • Couple to thick of your test block, ECHO will beep then calculate the acoustic sounds speed of your test block independent of what the material is such as carbon steel and aluminum
  • All done without pressing any keys

May 29, 2018
Auto Phase Reversal Detection Alarms

The relationship of a low acoustic impedance material such as rubber, bonded to steel (high acoustic impedance) produces a radio frequency (RF) signal with a positive-going signal as seen in Image 1 below. When a dis-bond occurs, now rubber has a higher acoustic impedance than air, a 180 degree shift in the RF signal occurs as seen in image 2 and commonly referred to as phase reversal. This technique is well-known in the NDT ultrasonic testing community however, the operator must always be watching the display to find these disbonds.   With the latest ECHO software, the operator can now turn on "auto phase detect" on ECHO 7 gages and assign which polarity to arlarm on and the ECHO will change color and vibrate on alarm to alert the user.

December 2017
ECHO V2.13 - Supervisor Lock and Peak Pitch Memory
The Latest ECHO Software,V2.13 found here), includes a number of new features that can be added with a simple software update.  Be sure to update your gage today to take advantage of the newest features. 


  • Locks
  • Supervisor lock with password
  • Datalogger overwrite
  • Quality Bar in thickness only mode
  • In Flaw mode new Leg indicator
  • Peak Pitch Memory…audible chirp when peaking an angle beam
  • Manual ID entry via Data XL
  • Optional: Floating and tracking gates with V-path on select duals for fast (60 Hz.) thickness readings in Flaw Mode


There is also a newly released version of Data XL (Version Be sure to update your unit and files

May 2017
Grid View for ECHO series

 Danatronics upcoming software release of Version V2.07 for the ECHO series will allow the operator to create files and turn on the “Grid View” feature where you can see, real-time, the live A-scan at the top and the cells within the datalogger file being saved below. The image here shows a red A-scan indicating an alarm has been tripped with the cells all color coded for the previously saved readings. Current users of echo, please go to the support tab and use data xl to upload this new, free software!

November 2, 2016
ECHO FD Flaw Detector now available!
Danatronics is pleased to announce ECHO FD; a breakthrough in hand held flaw detection.  ECHO FD is an extremely affordable, light weight ultrasonic flaw detector with a bright and fast 60 Hz. display update rate, 2 independent gates, Peak Memory, DAC, AWS, API 5UE, 2 gb memory, B-scan and rubber boot with stand. ECHO FD can switch to corrosion or precision (1 micron resolution) thickness gaging modes. 
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