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The DG+ series of videoscopes is a high quality, affordable video inspection system that comes in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm diameters in lengths up  


  • 5" High Resolution TFT LCD Display
  • 360 degree full articulation
  • Interchangeable Camera Cables
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Rear auxiliary light source for Dark Environments
  • 3X digital zoom
  • Easy one-hand operation
Typical Applications:
  • Machinery
  • Casting
  • Jet Engine Inspection (on or off-wing)
  • Airframes
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Boiler Tubes
  • Gas Turbines
  • Gear Boxes
  • Fuse Boxes Re-circulator pumps

Danatronics DG+ series is the ideal video inspection tool for your most challenging applications.

Danatronics DG+ Series of affordable hand-held videoscopes with interchangeable camera cables is in 2mm (2-way articulating), 4mm and 6mm options. The 4mm and 6mm options have full, joystick controlled, 360 degree articulation providing the user with full control over where they’re steering the camera or looking. In an effort to provide the user even more control over their inspection, the DG+ also has interchangeable camera cables. Using one display you can use both a 1M long 2.8mm diameter scope for your smallest applications and a 6mm scope for your more standard applications.



The Danatronics DVT series comes in 8 configurations each having an IP67 rated counterpart.   They're is available in 2mm, 4mm and 6mm diameters.

  • DG+2-2-100 2mm, 1M, 2-way articulating videoscope
  • DG+4-4-200 4.5mm, 2M, 4-way articulating videoscope
  • DG+4-4-300 4.5mm, 3M, 4-way articulating videoscope
  • DG+4-6-200 6mm, 2M, 4-way articulating videoscope
  • DG+4-6-300 6mm, 3M, 4-way articulating videoscope


Camera outer diameter: 2mm/4mm/6mm

Effective working length: 1M, 2M, 3M

FOV: 80° /120°

DOF: 15mm-30mm (2mm), 10mm-100mm(4.5mm), 10mm-(6mm)

Pixels: 300, 000

Camera protective function: IP64, up to IP67

Testing cable material: Stainless Steel braid (2mm) Tungsten (4mm and 6mm)

Guider bend directions: 4-way (2-way for 2mm)

Guider bend radius: refer to attached table

Illumination and power control: High Intensity LED

Brightness adjust mode: Yes

Power: 5V/2A

Portable battery: Dismountable

continuous working time: 4h+

Monitor size: 5" TFT LCD

Definition (Resolution): 800*480

video format: AVI format

picture format: JPEG format

Storage :  SD card

Host system working temperature: -10°C~50°C


The following accessories are available for the DG+
Spare Battery Pack
A Spare Battery Pack is available for the DG+


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