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The VIS 400 inspection system is a robust system able to
handle your toughest inspection needs.


  • Perfect for inspections while on the roof
  • Very bright LED lighting “ selectable
  • Modular system “ it is possible to choose individual components to suit application requirements
  • Compact and easy to use “ 3 lbs featherweight
  • Includes carry strap and protective pouch with anti-glare protection
Typical Applications:
  • Flue gas systems, chimneys
  • Building drains, house connections
  • Ventilation systems

The VIS 400 is a 100 (30M) push rod camera system with a 2 pan tilt camera head.   It offers many of the same features of the VIS350, but has a separate reel system that allows for better access especially when trying to inspect from above.







The VIS 400 includes a 2 pan and tilt color camera head as well as a 6.5 inch TFT monitor, 100 foot rigid pushrod (30M), encoder to assess camera distance and a 2GB memory card.


Monitor TFT display: 7" / 16:9 format
Video out: FBAS signal
Power supply 12 V NiMH rechargeable battery, 2.000 mAh
Battery operating time 2 h (battery status in display)
Distance measurement Digital meter counter in conjunction with the camera viper and cable reel
Storage 2 GB SD card (2.5 h recording capacity)
Interface Mini USB port
Operating temperature 32...104 °F
Storage temperature -4...122 °F
Dimensions housing without pouch 8" x 8" x 2"
Dimensions housing with pouch 9" x 9" x 3"
Weight Without pouch 3 lbs; with pouch 4 lbs
Connection, stand Standard


The following accessories are available for the VIS400
Plastic Domes for 2 camera head
Pack of 5
Wohler Camera Holder
faces down
for camera heads 1", 1 1/2" and 2"
Wohler Replacement Glass Dome
for Wohler 2" pan & tilt camera head
Wohler Stabilisation sleeve aluminium
mit Auengewinde M10
for 50 mm pan and tilt camera heads; for use with camera cable: head can be pushed upwards with GRP Rods
Wohler Telescopic Tube
with flexible gooseneck
for camera heads Wohler VIS 400 / VIS 2000PRO and Wohler miniature camera heads. Length of the telescopic tube 3 ...5 ft plus gooseneck 1 ft . The flex and stay gooseneck remains in a bent position allowing for easy
Wohler VIS Guidance Set 110
for 2" camera head
camera roller cage with protection cage and stabilization sleeve with star holder
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