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Danatronics ECHO 8 series of hand held corrosion and precision ultrasonic thickness gage with 3.5” color display comes in 4 models ranging from our ECHO-8 to the fully loaded ECHO-8DLW that includes default setups for a wide variety of transducers as well as custom stored setups, all with 1 micron resolution, "unlimited" reading datalogger via an up to 32Gb micro SD card memory and a live Waveform (A-Scan). So you if are measuring thin coil stee  


Danatronics offers our newest ultrasonic precision thickness gage line, the ECHO 8 series.  ECHO 8 represents our most advanced thickness gage ever combining dual and single element transducers all in one small package. ECHO 8 offers a 3.5” high resolution sunlight readable color display with live A-Scan, use of a wide variety of dual, contact, delay line and immersion transducers from 1-20 Mhz as default and custom created and stored applications setups, B-Scan, datalogger  with up to 32GB of SD card memory and  interface to Microsoft excel. The ECHO 7 is available in 4 models including the ECHO 8, ECHO 8DL, ECHO 8W and ECHO 8DLW. The vibrate on alarm feature is the world’s first and is great for loud environments

  • Simultaneous Live Color A-Scan and Thickness Display
  • 3.5” Sunlight readable color display
  • Field upgradeable software options including live waveform, datalogger or both
  • Fast/Min and Fast/Max displays minimum, maximum or both simultaneously with actual thickness at 25 Hz
  • Compatible with a wide variety of Danatronics dual and single element transducers
  • Multiple languages
  • Datalogger interfaces with Microsoft Excel
  • Designed for IP67
  • Made in the USA
Typical Applications:
  • Boiler Tubes
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Storage Tanks
  • Ship Hulls
  • Pipes

Precision Applications:
  • Coil steel
  • Plastic parts (bottles, toys, pipes, tanks and trays)
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Fiberglass
  • Rubber


The ECHO 8 series is available in 4 models to suit every budget and application. 

Hand-Held Digital Ultrasonic thickness gage with 3.5"  Sunlight Readable Color Display for thickness only including, dual transducers in .001” or .01” resolution as well as Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 Measurement, Plastic Carrying Case, 2 Oz. bottle of couplant (C-02G), Re-Chargeable Li. Ion batteries, Instruction manual and a Transducer up to 10 Mhz, lemo to microdot cable, Charger adapter with usb cable and data xl interface program
Includes all the features of the ECHO 8 plus a live color waveform (A-scan). (No Datalogger) with the live waveform, you can adjust range, gain, blanks and rectification. ECHO 8W also includes the ability to display the thickness of the optional oxide scale and the boiler tube wall thicknesses at the same time as well as the ability to calibrate on their individual sound velocities.
Includes all the features of the ECHO 8 plus “unlimited” reading Datalogger with export to excel, B-scan (2 GB removable micro SD card standard, other Micro SD cards up to 32GB are optional). Data XL interface program to export saved readings to p.c. (excel)
The Ultimate Thickness Gage Combines the widest variety of dual and single element probes and applications with a live Color Waveform, “unlimited” thickness readings via internal Datalogger with removable micro sd card including: Plastic Carrying Case (PC-09) , 2 Oz. bottle of couplant (C-02G), Re-chargable Li Ion Battery, Instruction manual and a transducer up to 10 Mhz., lemo to microdot cable, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 Measurement and B-Scan, A Custom Rubber boot with built in bail and 4 point chest harness, Charger adapter with usb cable and Data XL interface program to export saved readings to p.c. (excel). 


Size: Length 7.25” x Width 4.00” x Height 2.00” (184mm x 101.6mm x 50.8mm)

Weight: 1.15 lbs (.52 kg) with internal Li-Ion battery, 1.0 lb. (.45 kg) with optional Alkaline tray including 3 AA batteries

Display: 3.5” high resolution color display, 320 x 240 pixels (1/4 VGA), sunlight readable, including multiple color choices

Backlight: Light Emitting Diode (LED) backlight. Includes variable light intensity, indoor and outdoor modes

Temperature (Gage operating): -4 to 122F (-20 to 50C)

Package: Designed for IP67 rating, custom, splash-proof, high impact plastic with illuminating rubber keypad for go/no-go testing

Transducer Connector Type: Lemo 00 (2qty)

Bandwidth: 0.5-30 Mhz (-3dB)

Measurement Rate: 4 Hz or 25 Hz.

Pulser: 150V, Square Wave

Range: Thickness range depends on gage type, probe selection and material conditions. Typical range in corrosion mode, .004"-23" (.508 - 584 mm)

Calibration: Cal zero, Cal velocity, Two-point calibration or Auto Calibration performs a two-point calibration using a 5-step test block

Material Velocity Range: .0200 in/usec-.7362 in/ uS (0.508-18.699 mm/ uS)

Batteries: Standard 3.7 V Li Ion internally rechargeable battery (11-27 hours...Standard mode of 4Hz. and 74% brightness: 27 hour continous operation, Fast mode at 25Hz., continuous measurements in echo to echo mode: 11 Hours) or optional alkaline tray for 3 AA batteries 

Data XL: Interface program to send and receive stored readings, latest firmware and application set up files as two way communication from ECHO to computer (excel)

USB: USB 2.0

Stored Setups: Storage and recall of calibration and set up files (up to 5,000)

Memory: Internal memory standard on all models. For Datalogger models 2GB micro SD card standard and expandable up to 32GB

Gain: AGC 20-90 db in 1 db increments as a corrosion gage and initial gain, final gain and slope. 20-90 db in .1 db increments as a precision gage

Zoom: Automatically centers echos in the center of the display independent of material thickness

Units: English, Metric, Microseconds

Temperature correction: Software to correct for varying sound speed as a function of entered temperature

Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian

Fast Min/Max: Displays minimum, maximum or both simultaneously with actual thickness at 25 Hz.

Alarms: Gage vibrates and beeps. Display changes color based on alarm condition

Transducers: Single, delay lines, contact, immersion

Measurement Types: Main bang to first backwall echo, echo to echo and velocity mode (displays acoustic sound speed based on entered thickness)

Freeze Mode: Direct access to freeze display (ideal for high temperature applications)

Hold Mode: Holds display to retain last thickness reading

Warranty: Limited 2 year warranty under normal use on parts and labor for gage. Optional Dan-A-Care to add up to 3 more years

Shut off: selectable auto shut off 1-31 minutes or never shut off

Differential Mode: Displays the difference from actual thickness measurement in absolute or percentage of a user entered reference value

Resolution: .001” or .01” (.01mm or .1mm) as a corrosion gage and .0001” or .001” (.001mm or .01mm) as a precision gage

Transport case: Hard Plastic with high density molded foam cut out for gage and most accessories

Certifications: CE certified, RHOS compliant, designed for IP67

Accessory Mount: ECHO 8 includes a 1/4x20 standard connection point on the back of the unit to allow for a multitude of accessories including a magnetic pipe attachment and a Gorilla Pod

Standard Inclusions: ECHO 8 series ultrasonic thickness gage, DKS-537, transducer up to 10 Mhz., LM-06 cable, 2oz bottle of couplant, operation manual, Data XL interface program, USB cable, Charger Adapter, Transport Case *A transducer is included with each model. Contact Danatronics for details

Available Software Options: Datalogger with B-scan, Live waveform, Precision mode, Oxide scale

Hardware Options: Bluetooth, Alkaline battery tray, rubber boot, Magnetic pipe stand, footswitch, magnetic wheel encoder

Software Options

All ECHO series Options are field upgradeable via the keypad. Danatronics offers a unique and convenient way to upgrade your gages. The upgrades are done directly from your gage and do not require the use of a computer. The advantages of field upgradability are:

  • Never worry about downtime
  • No extra shipping cost
  • Less cost of ownership due to less freight and duty
  • No need to worry about the product being obsolete
  • Simple and Fast to perform

The Field upgradeable options for the ECHO 8 series are: 
Comes standard on the ECHO-8DL and ECHO-8DLW

This option is only available combined with the Datalogger option. Provides a non-encoded (time base) or a cross section (side view) of the part being inspected. The A-scan and B-scan can now be view at the same time. The operator can scroll where the cursor line is after a B-scan is generated.
Encoded B-Scan
Software comes standard with the ECHO 9DL and ECHO 9DLW, encoder and hardware upgrades sold separately 

Requires hardware modification to either ECHO 9DLW or ECHO 9DL, uses EZ Scan 4 as a magnetic wheel, linear axis encoder. 

The EZ Scan 4 combined with our ECHO 9DLW is the ultimate in easy to use, affordable magnetic wheel linear axis encoder for B-scan surveys with reports. The EZ Scan 4 sends a pulse to the gage to take a thickness reading while drawing the B-scan image based on one axis. The gage keeps track of the distance traveled (DT) so you can cross reference any wall thinning areas to the image displayed and saved into memory. To show A-scans and B-scans on the computer, you must purchase separately our Data XL Pro.
Comes standard with the ECHO 8DL and ECHO 8DLW

The ECHO 8 Datalogger stores millions of readings in it’s Datalogger with removable sd card memory as linear, 2D, 3D or boiler in alpha numeric or thousands of waveforms (if gage is equipped with waveform option). Thickness values along with the i.d. information and all gage set up parameters are exported to Microsoft excel via the no-charged, included Data XL interface program provided with every Danatronics thickness gage.
Live Waveform
Comes standard with the ECHO 8W and ECHO 8DLW 

The live waveform (A-scan) is used to verify reading stability. With the live waveform the operator can adjust gain, range, rectification and 2 forms of blanking to set the gage to ignore unwanted noise or mode converted echoes.
Oxide Scale

When equipped with the oxide scale option and 20mhz delay line transducer, both ECHO 7DLW and ECHO 8DLW units with live waveform can measure the oxide scale (0.015"-0.040") and tube thickness calibrated to their independent sound speeds.


The following accessories are available for the ECHO 8 series
Spring Loaded Holder 
The spring loaded holder (SPH-718) is the ideal fixture to be used on small diameter applications such as tubing to prevent the probe from rocking. The probe can be rotated as well and the fixture has v-notches to assist in probe alignment.
Chest harness 
Custom 4 point chest harness with comfortable adjustment of straps for shoulder and waste line. Comes with metal detents
Magnetic Pipe Holder 
Available magnetic pipe holder that screws onto the ¼, 20 connector on the ECHO 9. This is ideal to stabilizing the ECHO 9 on a larger pipe or any magnetic surface and can even be used up side down.
5 Step Test Block 
We offer a 5 step test block, made of carbon steel with nickel plating engraved in both English and Metric values from .100’, .200”, .300”, .400”, .500” or 2.54mm, 5.05mm, 7.5mm, 10.0mm, 12.7mm (No certification is provided with these blocks but can be provide on special order for an additional fee)
Rubber boot
We offer a custom protective rubber booth with built in bail, 4 point chest harness and unique 2 finger hold strap.
Standard 3.7 V Li Ion internally rechargeable battery  comes standardor optional alkaline tray for 3 AA batteries
ECHO 7 Transport Case 
The EHC-09 Transport Case is shown with common inclusions. (Spare batteries and 5 step test block sold separately).
single cables offered in 6 feet or other lengths upon special order. LM-06 and aromored LM-06AC
We offer a variety of ultrasonic couplants from a standard gel in 2 Oz. or 12 Oz. options, to high temperature up to 1100 Degrees F. Contact us for more details.
AC Power
ECHO 7 series comes with a convenient AC charger via the USB port so you do not have to replace the batteries on a regular basis.
With this hardware option the operator can use a footswitch to save, freeze or send readings.


ECHO 8 Transducers

Danatronics offers a wide variety of dual transducers from .5-10 Mhz , high temperature duals and delay lines including pencil probes (12 Mhz.) for special applications. ECHO 8 also uses contact and delay line probes from 1-20 Mhz. Consult Danatronics or one of our authorized representative for the proper use and recommendation for your application.

For complete list including specifications please see our transducer chart 
Spring Loaded Holder
Available for DLK525 and DLK1025

Danatronics Spring Loaded Holder has dual v-notches for small diameter pipes and tubes to prevent probe “rocking”
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