Interface Program


DataXL interface program for PC available for all EHC, UPG, ECHO and MTG series gages

 At Danatronics we believe managing your saved data should be simple. Our standard interface program, DataXL, is free and available for use with all Danatronics gages. When used with a gage with datalogger, Data XL saves readings to .csv files that can be used in any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. For gages without a datalogger, DataXL is used to update your software to the latest release so you can stay updated on the latest features. For those who want more, we offer a paid version, DataXL Pro, that can transform your data into A-Scan and B-Scan images. DataXL is also used to interface with Ultrapipe.

Advantages Include
• Write custom batch programs
• Simple double click the file to be transfer and Microsoft
Excel™ with all i.d.’s and readings are displayed
• Create file and send them to the ECHO
• Merge files using Data XL
• Saved stored application setups can be sent to the
ECHO or multiple ECHO units to ensure reliability and
• Update firmware (latest version of operating software
is available on the support tab of www.danatronics.
• Send Bit Maps (screen shots) to further document your
Danatronics DataXL software program is availble free of charge for all Danatronics gages.   DataXL uses .csv files to transfer files to/from gages with datalogger to spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel.    For users without the datalogger feature enabled, DataXL will be the key tool in upgrading your gage software to the latest release so you can keep your gage up to date on the latest features.

DataXL Pro
 DataXL Pro is a super charged, paid, version of our popular DataXL Program.   DataXL Pro can be used to display both A-Scan and B-Scan images of your readings on your computer.    DataXL Pro can also be used to interface with Ultrapipe.   DataXL Pro is available as both an individual user license and as a site license for your entire team. 
DataXL Pro

DataXL Mobile

Coming Soon!

DataXL Mobile allows ECHO gages to export data such as thickness readings or files to another device via internal bluetooth. DataXL mobile can be used to facilitate the transfer of information on IOS and Andriod phones and tablets. DataXL Mobile is coming soon in the Apple store and Google Play Store.

DataXL Mobile