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The DZ series of videoscopes is a high quality, cost effective video inspection system that comes in both 6mm and 8mm diameters in a variety of lengths up to 7.5M.  


  • High resolution CCD Camera Technology
  • Video Recording and Image Capturing by the push of a button
  • Illumination with fiber optic achieves a more intense and homogeneous illumination
  • This Illumination concept saves repair costs in case of damage, eg crushing of the probe tip
  • Wide range of focusable interchangeable lenses and 90 ° side view tip
  • Individually adjustable focus range of any interchangeable lenses
  • Working length 1.0m - 7.5m / 4.9 - 24.6ft
  • Videoprobe diameter 4.0mm / 6.0mm / 8.0mm
  • 4-way tip articulation control
  • Tactile videoprobe contact in the inspection object
  • Heat resistant up to 140°C / 284°F
  • Splash proofed Handle
  • Liquid tight probe up to 1bar
  • Robust Tungsten Braid on PU-Jacket
Typical Applications:
  • Jet Engine Inspection (on or off-wing)
  • Airframes
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Boiler Tubes
  • Gas Turbines
  • Gear Boxes
  • Fuse Boxes
  • Re-circulator pumps
  • Underwater

The latest in CCD (Charge-coupled device) solid-state camera and Metal-Halide lamp technology provide bright, high resolution images on the large ITool Display. A built in hard drive video image storage and a USB port make image and audio recording simple.













Model Probe Ø Length Articulation Angle* Braid
DZ4-4-150 4.0mm 1.5m 4-way ± 100° all directions
Tungsten on PU
DZ4-4-200 4.0mm 2.0m 4-way ± 100° all directions
Tungsten on PU
4.0mm 3.0m 4-way ± 100° all directions
Tungsten on PU
DZ4-4-400 4.0mm 4.0m 4-way ± 100° all directions
Tungsten on PU
DZ0-6-600 6.0mm 6.0m - - Tungsten on PU
DZ0-6-800 6.0mm 8.0m - - Tungsten on PU
DZ0-6-1200 6.0mm 12.0m - - Tungsten on PU
DZ0-601500 6.0mm 15.0m - - Tungsten on PU
6.0mm 1.5m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° U, 130° D
Tungsten on PU
6.0mm 2.0m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° U, 130° D Tungsten on PU
6.0mm 3.0m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° U, 130° D Tungsten on PU
DZ4-6-400 6.0mm 4.0m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° U, 130° D Tungsten on PU
DZ4-6-500 6.0mm 5.0m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° U, 130° D Tungsten on PU
DZ4-6-750 6.0mm 7.5m 4-way ±100° L/R, 160° U, 130° D Tungsten on PU
DZ0-8-600 8.0mm 6.0m - - Tungsten on PU
DZ0-8-750 8.0mm 7.5m - - Tungsten on PU
DZ0-8-1200 8.0mm 12.0m - - Tungsten on PU
DZ0-8-1500 8.0mm 15.0m - - Tungsten on PU
*Note: The articluation angle of the probe may be due to different lengths and diameter combination differ.


CCD Videoprobe
A high-resolution CCD image sensor is the core element of the DZ Videoscope System and delivers life like images with realistic color reproduction.

Close focus and far focus with only one objective lens. It is no longer necessary to buy another objective lens if a different focal length is needed. In comparison with fixed focus lenses, SmartFocus lenses save not only the complicated lens changing process, they also save additional/hidden costs. SmartFocus lenses with different field of view (FOV), f-stops (f-stop) and depth of field (DOF) are available.

The modularity of the iTool DVR Imaging Hub makes it a valuable inspection tool for the whole field of Remote Visual Inspection. Thanks to the interchangeable  Videoprobes, the system can be adapted within seconds to the particular inspection requirements. More than 20 combinations of different probe diameters and lengths allows to always use the best matching Endoscope for each single application.

UV Visual Inspection
DZ UV Videoscopes have been specially developed to inspect cracks and leaks, using dye penetration testing, for example. Equipped with special Quartz light fibers and a UV objective lens, this UV-Videoscope in conjunction with the 120W UV-Lightsource is an exceptional tool for every application in this area.

Intelligent Illumination
Compared to other Videoscopes, the lightsource is not integrated in the distal end of the probe. It is absolutely non-destructively integrated in the housing of the iTool DVR. This intelligent design allows it to use a more powerful lightsource and achieves a much more intense and homogeneous illumination of the cavity by means of fiber optic light guides. In addition this technology concept saves repair costs in case of damage, eg. crushing of the distal end.

4-Way Tip Articulation
Thanks to the tactile probe control, the distal end tip can easily, quickly and accurately be navigated to any position. The extremely flexible Articulation-Section is particularly advantageous in applications in which the endoscope has to be guided through tight radius.

Robust and Reliable
Shear strength, flexibility and protection against damage from sharp edges or crushing is ensured by the robust tungsten braid on PU coating.  The robust mechanical control of the probe effectively reduces the need of repairs, repair costs and repair time compared to other articulation mechanisms

Heat resistance
With an operating temperature below 140°C / 284°F it is possible to insert the Videoprobe less than 5 minutes without any damage. Image interference that may occur, are completely reversible by cooling down process of the probe.


The following accessories are available for the DZ
Side View Tip Adapter
This tip adaper alters the view of your scope so you can see a side view of the items you are inspecting rather than the viewing angle being straight on.
Brilliant White LED light source
This 3W LED lightsource is ideal for applications where portability is necessary. It uses AA batteries to power the 3W bulb. Due to the wattage, we only recommend this light source for scopes less than 3m.
24w Metal Halid Light Source
This powerful light source can be used on any of our DZ or DF scopes when a more intense light is necessary.  It is powered via DC power.


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