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The DF Fiberscope is ideal for users who require high quality and dependable Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) equipment without overpaying for expensive brand names and unnecessary features.  


  • Working length from 0,7m up to 3,0m
  • Probe diameter from 2,4mm, 3,5mm, 4,0mm, 6,0mm up to 8,0mm
  • 2-way or 4-way tip articulation
Typical Applications:
  • Automotive
  • Building Engineering
  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Process & Pipeline

Remote Visual Inspection applications often demand scopes that can be inserted through small access points to provide high quality images of difficult to reach areas. If you don't require recording, the DF is the ideal scope for these applications. It can also be attached to our BoresEye2040 camera system if recording is necessary. The DF fiberscopes contain an optical image guide made of highly flexible, thin and parallel single fibres.

The DF comes in a variety of lengths and diameters to suit almost any application with diameters as small as 2.4mm. It has a focusable ocular adjusts the optic system to the visual acuity of the viewer. Additional to the direct view objective, a side view tip adapter can be provided.


Model Probe Ø Working Length Articulation angle DOV FOV Pixel Tube Braid
2,0mm / 2-way Articulation
DF2-2.040 2,4mm 0,4m ± 120° 45° 6000 Tungsten
DF2-2-070 2,4mm 0,7m ± 120° 45° 6000 Tungsten
DF2-2-100 2,4mm 1,0m ± 120° 45° 6000 Tungsten
DF2-2-130 2,4mm 1,3m ± 120° 45° 6000 Tungsten
3,5mm / 2-way Articulation
DF2-3-070 3,5mm 0,7m ± 120° 50° 8000 Tungsten
DF2-3-100 3,5mm 1,0m ± 120° 50° 8000 Tungsten
DF2-3-130 3,5mm 1,3m ± 120° 50° 8000 Tungsten
DF2-3-150 3,5m 1,5m ± 120° 50° 8000 Tungsten
4,0mm / 2-way Articulation
DF2-4-100 4,0mm 1,0m ± 120° 0/90° 50° 11500 Tungsten
DF2-4-130 4,0mm 1,3m ± 120° 0/90° 50° 11500 Tungsten
DF2-4-150 4,0mm 1,5m ± 120° 0/90° 50° 11500 Tungsten
DF2-4-200 4,0mm 2,0m ± 120° 0/90° 50° 11500 Tungsten
6,0mm / 2-way Articulation
DF2-6-100 6,0mm 1,0m ± 120° 0/90° 60° 12000 Tungsten
DF2-6-150 6,0mm 1,5m ± 120° 0/90° 60° 12000 Tungsten
DF2-6-200 6,0mm 2,0m ± 120° 0/90° 60° 12000 Tungsten
DF2-6-300 6,0mm 2,7m ± 120° 0/90° 60° 12000 Tungsten
6,0mm / 4-way Articulation
DF4-6-100 6,0mm 1,0m ±100° L/R 160° UP/ 130° DW 0/90° 60° 12000 Tungsten
DF4-6-150 6,0mm 1,5m ±100° L/R 160° UP/ 130° DW 0/90° 60° 12000 Tungsten
DF4-6-200 6,0mm 2,0m ±100° L/R 160° UP/ 130° DW 0/90° 60° 12000 Tungsten
DF4-6-300 6,0mm 2,7m ±100° L/R 160° UP/ 130° DW 0/90° 60° 12000 Tungsten
8,0mm / 4-way Articulation
DF4-8-100 8,0mm 1,0m ±100° L/R 160° UP/ 130° DW 0/90° 60° 16000 Tungsten
DF4-8-150 8,0mm 1,5m ±100° L/R 160° UP/ 130° DW 0/90° 60° 16000 Tungsten
DF4-8-200 8,0mm 2,0m ±100° L/R 160° UP/ 130° DW 0/90 ° 60° 16000 Tungsten
DF4-8-300 8,0mm 2,7m ±100° L/R 160° UP/ 130° DW 0/90° 60° 16000 Tungsten


Optimal Visualization
With a fine, hardly visible fiber grid the DF fiberscopes are especially suited for tests in smallest inspection areas e.g. drill holes, injection valves or turbine blades, during random inspection with series production or security relevant parts.

Extended View Options
All DF fiberscopes are equipped with a 32mm standard DIN eyepiece that can be focused. The visible marks in the eyepiece can be used for orientation and to navigate within the inspection object safely and unerringly. Besides the excellent direct-view feature, the interchangeable 90° side view tip adaptor offers new examination options. 

Intuitive & sensitive
The ergonomic hand piece allows right- and left handed people a precise and real one-handed operation. Only two control levers are articulating the two probe heads in 4 directions up two 160°. Due to the special mechanic there are only minimal hand movements needed by the operator. Every contact made with the inspection item at the probe head are immediately realized and will be conducted to the zero-position of the articulation.

The DF fiberscope is able to make precise articulating movements.  This is very important when using the endoscope in applications with tight radiuses. The control is permanently limited; this extends the lifetime of the system by preventing the cable from breaking off.

Robust and reliable
An endoscope needs to be flexible and easy to control, it needs to be resistant against pressure and liquids to protect the technology inside. The robust outer skin needs to slide easy, be resistant against shear forces and easy and safe to navigate. To fulfill these requirements only high grade material are used and worked into the DF fibrescope. 


The following accessories are available for the DF
Side View Tip Adapter
This tip adaper alters the view of your scope so you can see a side view of the items you are inspecting rather than the viewing angle being straight on.
Brilliant White LED light source
This 3W LED lightsource is ideal for applications where portability is necessary. It uses AA batteries to power the 3W bulb. Due to the wattage, we only recommend this light source for scopes less than 3m.
24w Metal Halid Light Source
This powerful light source can be used on any of our DZ or DF scopes when a more intense light is necessary. It is powered via DC power.


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